• Our workshops are unique, we work with our clients on what area they would like to focus on, following their brief throughout. 
  • Our key aim is to deliver workshops that meet our client’s expectations, but also help with accessibility and understanding. 
  • One of the key issues, for a lot of companies is the lack of understanding, around non-visual disabilities.  
  • The language used, which is no longer acceptable in our society today. Our key aim is to work closely with our clients in order to deliver an excellent service. 
  • Each workshop is tailored specific to our clients brief. 
  • See our testimonials to see what our clients say. 

Disability & Diversity Awareness 

Work-Shop 1

Do you staff understand customer care for all, including people with both visual and non-visual disabilities?  With over 18% of our population living with a disability that is possibly a 18% increase in revenue that you may not be aware of.

  • Be aware of and able to describe some of their own attitudes and beliefs about disability
  • Understand how their own views relate to wider societal attitudes and stereotypes
  • Be aware of how traditional stereotypes and their own beliefs can impact negatively upon people with disabilities
  • Be aware of and be able to use appropriate language in relation to a person with a disability

Disability & Diversity Awareness 

Work-Shop 2 

Senior Management

  • Know and be able to state the grounds of discrimination under the Employment Equality Act (1998) and the Equal Status Act (2000)
  • Know the scope of the Acts and who the Acts apply to
  • Know and be able to explain the difference between direct and indirect discrimination
  • Understand and explain in brief some of the key concepts under the legislation such as “reasonable accommodation”, “nominal cost”, “positive action”, and “harassment”.
  • Be able to apply key provisions of the Act(s) to their own working environment.